Mission Mobile Dental Service & Warranty

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You deserve an extremely reliable Mobile Dentistry Unit to support your mission. Your important work cannot be constantly interrupted by equipment failures. Mission Mobile Dental conducts an extremely thorough inspection of each base vehicle and builds on only Certified Pre-Owned Platforms. We stand behind our craftsmanship, and our clients. With every build, you receive a 10-year warranty and a best-in-industry buy-back pledge which means you and your stakeholders are safe and secure in your partnership with Mission Mobile Dental.


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Unparalleled After-Delivery Support.


You should be able to focus on caring for patients, not caring for a specialty vehicle with complex systems. Mission Mobile takes the risk out of purchasing mobile dental units built on pre-owned platforms for the life of your mission by coordinating all preventative maintenance and repairs. Your cost is capped and you never have to wonder how much your vehicle maintenance will impact your budget.

Maintaining specialty dental vehicles is a complex process. Service technicians must know what they need to maintain, at the necessary intervals, and have the proper tools and training to complete the maintenance. The technology used in today’s heavy-duty vehicles is evolving at a rapid pace. Increasingly, our clients are finding it advantageous to leave the maintenance risk with us so they can focus all their efforts on their core mission.

That's why all of our vehicles come equipped standard with 3 years of our Mission Mobile Services Maintenance Program.

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